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If you are owner of a house, apartment, studio or room in Rotterdam, Rotterdam centrum, Rotterdam kralingen, Noord, Blijdorp, west and want to rent it? Rotterdam Rent company is a professional broker who can quickly provide a reliable tenant.

We take great care in the preparation of our leases and to screen the tenants. Customer’s satisfaction is high among the landlords. Landlords have been a customer for years and stay. Are you interested in our services? We will gladly make an appointment to discuss possibilities of your home.

Offering the Property
We come to your property to mapping the dimensions and characteristics of the property. There are taken the photos of the property and given an opinion for the estimating rental price. The photos are displayed on the same day on our website. In addition, we place your property in the usual large of Internet databases for maximum range.

Finding a Reliable Tenant
Rotterdam Rent brokerage fuses the data from your house to the house hunter. We hold, in finding a suitable prospective tenant, of course, We know which candidates provide your requests (Working candidates, Children, Pets, Non smoking candidates,…). We propose Interested candidates directly to you based on information provided by them (copy of a valid ID, payslip and / or employment). You take the decision yourself ultimatelly or you deal directly with the rental candidate.

Appointment for Visiting Your House with the Candidates
Rotterdam Rent agency invites the candidates, who are interested in, to visiting your house. Rotterdam will contact you about the result after the viewing and visiting your house.

Acceptance and Lease
If you agree with the prospective tenant, Rotterdam Rent Estate Agency prepare a lease for you and your tenant. The lease document is a standart data without any special provisions.


Looking for a rental? Rotterdam Rent brokerage offers a variety of rental homes in Rotterdam, Rotterdam Kralingen, Rotterdam Blijdorp, Rotterdam South, Rotterdam West, Rotterdam North. Whether you are looking for an apartment, house, studio or students room, Rotterdam is always aware of current offers.

Finding a suitable rental property
The supply of houses is high in Rotterdam. Rotterdam Rent broker can help you by making the right choice. We can quickly provide a home through our experience and our extensive network.
The majority of our customers with accommodation to their wishes within a few days.

How can you respond to a house
Renting a house through Rotterdam Rent company is very simple. Our total and currently offers available on our website. If you are interested in a home than you should prefer to create an appointment for a viewing. You can also send us email with your wishes and preferences. It is also possible making a reservation after the viewing and visiting the house.

Viewing and visiting the house
If you find and interesting house in the list of our houses for renting, the house are visited under the guidance of our rental agent. Because of the flexibility and large working times of Rotterdam Rent Broker, the houses are also showed to the searcher and visitors even at night and on weekends.

Demands on your income
For renting a house is essentially needed that you have a fixed income, or if you’re a student, you have to have a sufficient income (including an allowance IB). There is also a opportunity for the students that their parents as guarantor for the respect of the rental payments for the duration of the lease.

Costs by Renting
If a lease is created for the client, administrative costs will be charged. The costs are equal to one month rent (plus 21% VAT). If the service costs like gas, water and electricity are included, the agency fees change.

Signs of the lease
If you find an ideal house, which meets your requirements, must be signed with a lease. The lease contains all your rights and obligations. After the signing the lease you will receive the key of your house.

The database with rentals in Rotterdam is freely available. Browse through our listings to find a rental apartment in Rotterdam. Rotterdam Rent is a Real Estate Agency focused on helping the tenant in finding his/her ideal rental apartment in Rotterdam.